Photo Which countries are best for a responsible Safari ?

Which countries are best for a responsible Safari ?

Which countries are best for a responsible Safari ?

Going on safari is one of the most serious adventures. The main objective of the safari tour is to observe and to photograph the real amazing life of wild animals. It also includes hunting wild animals in the large wild area. African continent is the place where safari tour was born.

African continent: the best countries for responsible Safari

  • Botswana

Many tourists are deeply interested in Botswana for the best adventurous safari. The country has a very large and pristine wilderness.

The admirable model of low-density tourism is among the best factors that make Botswana the country for the best safaris in the world.

A well-managed private system for the tour is exerted to allow visitors to enjoy more and feel freer during the tour which includes full off-road game driving, night drives, walking, boating and canoeing.

Most camps have become more and more luxurious because of the low-density model. As a result, Botswana is now considered as an expensive destination for safaris, especially during the peak season. Among the most interesting wild animals of Botswana are elephants, buffalo soldiers, tree climbing leopards, black-maned lion, hippos, zebra, eagle and wild dogs. 

  • Kenya

Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for safaris that allow visitors to find out more about wildlife. This is the place where safari was born.

There is a number of tourists who come to the country every year to experience the unique wildlife. A large number of activities are available in Kenya thanks to the vibrant culture and the natural landscapes.

These may include horseback riding, biking, hiking and many other cultural activities. The factor that increase the quality of Kenya is the creation of Community Conservancies.

Masai Mara area is better for game viewing because of its several camps and the well-managed system that governs the Conservancy areas to ensure safe and comfortable safari tours. Among the top 5 safari animals in Kenya are lions, cheetah, rhinoceros, leopards and elephants. 

  •  Rwanda

Famous for its amazing gorilla trekking, Rwanda attracts a great number of adventurers from many foreign countries. Besides, this giant animal is one of the best reasons that make the country a popular destination for safaris.

The existence of Gorilla trekking is enough for many visitors to travel to the country. Rwanda has well-equipped logistics to ensure the care of high quality gorillas trekking.

As a small country, 2 to 3 days are enough to experience Rwanda's wilderness. Apart from the gorillas, the country also has many other interesting animals for safari such as elephants, lions, monkeys, antelopes, giraffes, hippos, zebras and rhinoceroses.

Among the best companies for safari in Rwanda are Insight Safari Holidays, Wild Whispers Africa, Kori Safaris, Gorilla Bookings Ltd and Tales of Africa Safaris.

Traveling to Africa to enjoy safari holidays

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