Photo What are the protected and rare animals to see on Safari ?

What are the protected and rare animals to see on Safari ?

What are the protected and rare animals to see on Safari ?

The main reason of safari holidays is the wild animals. Nowadays, many kinds of animal species are endangered because of the massive exploitation. This is why many organizations are created throughout the world to ensure the protection of wild animals.

Some rare and protected animals to see on Safari

  • The Black Rhino

Considered as one of the most interesting animals, the Black Rhino has a very important place on Safari. However, they are included in the world's endangered animals.

Black Rhino is the fastest of their species with top speed up to 55 km/h. They have poor ability to see but they make up for it with perfect smell and hearing.

One of the main responsibilities of The Wildlife ACT is the protection of Black Rhino and their existence in the wild area. You can find this giant animal in eastern and southern African countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Kenya. 

  • The Pangolin

Pangolin is the only mammal with large and protective scales that covers the whole of their skin. This kind of animal lives in hollow trees or burrows and mainly feeds on ants and termites.

Pangolin is the most hunted animal in the world, in illegal form. This overexploitation is the reason why Pangolin species have been threatened in recent years. This game animal can be found in the Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve of Namibia.

Consequently, some organizations such as IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group are working to save this animal species, to fight against illegal traffic and to educate communities in its great importance. 

  •   The Aardvark

Aardvarks are very strange animals and known for their look like pigs and rabbit-like ears and kangaroo's tail. This is a nocturnal animal. Most of African countries have Aardvarks as endangered species now.

They live in underground burrows during the daylight hours and go out at nights to feed. They mainly feed with ants, termites and Aardvark cucumber.

They do not chew, they just swallow their food and can eat tens of thousands insects during the night. Kwandwe Game Reserve is the best place to see this animal. 

  • The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger or ratel is an amazing mammal that you can find only in Africa, India and Southwest Asia. Honey Badger is a very intelligent animal and well-known for its ability to dig holes for their refuge.

It is fearless and can persistently resist with much bigger animals such as lions and cobras. They eat snakes, frogs, tortoises, eggs, lizards, and birds as main food.

Honey Badger is one of the rarest animals for Safari. Timbavati or within the Kalahari region are the most important place to discover this kind of animal.

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