Photo A beginner's guide to go on a Safari

A beginner's guide to go on a Safari

Taking a safari is preparing to live a memorable, magical and unique experience to discover the wildlife. The word Safari is a Swahili word meaning a "long journey". And what a trip! Like any long trip, you have to know how to prepare and what to pack, what to know or when and where to go. If later on you want to tell your tale on a website and try to make money from it, we advise you visit Opodo's website.

Safari for beginners: mistakes to avoid

As the Safari is a real adventure in itself, it must be organized. And if it's your baptism Safari, here are the mistakes that any beginner does and that can make their adventure less fun.

  •  Do not negotiate your Safari If you are several in number, set the price per person, after a thorough negotiation. In fact, if your budget is tight, you can easily save a few hundred dollars by simply chatting. 
  • Forget the zoom of your camera Buy on the spot a zoom will be much more expensive than if you buy it from your home. Besides it is an indispensable accessory. Without this zoom, you would have no quality photos to keep. 
  • Leave without water and food Especially during the dry season, a bottle of water per person is not enough. So either bring several bottles or a larger one. And do not worry too much, plan a cereal bar or fruit for the road. 
  • Forgetting your anti-mosquito Especially if your safari is in Africa, even in the middle of the day, mosquitoes are very tough. And if you plan a night safari, mosquito repellent will be even more essential. At the limit, wear a long-sleeved t-shirt. 
  • Leave for a Safari unexpectedly

A Safari must be organized. Whether on the car that brings you, the duration of the safari, the animals to see and even the guide that will accompany you, all this is essential for a successful Safari.

Safari: budget and currencies

Safaris are always by definition in very remote areas where it will be difficult to change currencies, except at the lodge at a rate that will necessarily be unattractive. So get out of the local currency as soon as you arrive at the airport. Avoid waiting for a hypothetical more favorable exchange office on the side of the road.

It is recommended to travel with US dollars or Euros on our safaris. In many areas, other currencies, checks and credit cards will not be accepted. Credit cards are useful in case of emergency and are accepted in the most important centers. Visa and American Express are the most commonly accepted cards.

There is no need to buy local currency before traveling. The countries you are traveling to have restrictions on the amount of local currency that you are allowed to import. If you are in possession of more than the authorized amount, it may be confiscated. And especially in South Africa, if you drive a rental vehicle, remember that gas only pays cash.

The best destination to go on safari

Australia, Africa and Latin America are the most popular countries for Safari. And each of its destinations have their advantage and their disadvantage. All destinations are on Opodo website. Once you have set your holiday dates, simply go to Opodo Online to book your flights and hotel.

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